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Drachen [372 words] - the other box — LiveJournal
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Drachen [372 words]
"Didja think it would be that easy?" said the dragon as it hovered overhead. "I'm five thousand years old, you know."

The terrified knight held his sword over his head and prepared to fend off the dragon's attack. Half-melted swords weren't the most fearsome of weapons, but you had to work with what you had.

No attack came.

The dragon laughed. The knight thought that maybe being roasted alive would have been preferable.

"Oh, just get it over with," he said.

"Taunting you is more fun," said the dragon.

- - -

Having a dragon follow him as he walked back to his village was annoying. On the bright side, at least he didn't have to worry about being accosted by brigands on the highway.

"When are you going to get tired of following me?" he asked the dragon. "Why don't you just eat me or go away?"

The dragon ignored him, and continued to clean its wings as it sat atop a great tree overlooking the road.

The knight sighed.

"What's your name," he asked.


"No, what's your name?"

"Drachen. What are you, deaf? Drachen. D-R-A-C-H-E-N."

"Huh," said the knight. Maybe he should start throwing rocks at it.

"You dropped out of school to become a knight, didn't you?"

"What?" said the knight, startled. "Fuck off."

It had occurred to the knight that if the dragon was going to continue to follow him, perhaps he should take the dragon someplace interesting. If he'd had any enemies, that would have been an obvious choice, but he didn't have any. Yet. Truth was, nobody'd really ever paid much attention to him at all. Well, until now, and that was a dragon.

- - -

They had a barbeque to celebrate moving into their new digs. It's a lot easier to take a castle when you've got a dragon to soften it up for you. The knight -- no, not a knight, he was a lord now -- took in his surroundings, a little worse for wear.

"Place needs a little fixing up," he said.

The dragon looked up from his barbeque sheep.

"I want the princess," it said.

"Sure, why not?" said Lord George. "That'll put the fear of God into 'em."

[ Word (Drachen) suggested by calicocat. ]
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